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Welcome to my blog on biodynamic gardening. I have created this blog to help educate people about the many benefits of this amazing gardening method. I can testify to the organic food benefits from all the abundant, healthy food growing in my own garden! The benefits go beyond the food to a greater understanding of the cosmos and the connection between all life.

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What is biodynamic gardening?

The Biodynamic Gardening and Farming Association was founded in 1938 as a result of farmers concerned about the decline in the health of soils, plants and animals. They sought the advice of Rudolf Steiner who had researched the subtle forces in Nature for most of his life. The fundamental principles of biodynamic gardening and farming were defined: a unified approach to agriculture that relates the ecology of the farm-organism to that of the entire cosmos. It is an expanded vision that includes the dynamic forces in Nature that we have yet to fully understand. Yet, these farmers began to work more creatively with these subtle energies to significantly improve the health of their farms, including the health of soils, plants and animals along with the quality and quantity of food. The theory of biodynamics is based on the understanding of the whole planet as being a single, self-regulating and multi-dimensional ecosystem. With this understanding, farmers began to establish their farms likewise as self-regulating, bio-diverse ecosystems. Biodynamics suggests a whole new way of thinking.

I have been gardening most of my life, and was raised on a farm. I was fortunate to have a father who was environmentally conscious. He was aware of the farm as being an ecosystem: that chemicals he used on the fields would eventually find there way to the Chesapeake Bay, that the cows defecating in the streams would affect other organisms dependent on that water source, that clearing the fields for grazing cattle required leaving some uncleared areas for wildlife. In these ways my father was a biodynamic farmer in that for every action he took, he considered the impact it might have not only on other areas of the farm, but well beyond.

Besides revolutionary yields and turning wastelands into paradises, biodynamic gardening involves no toxic chemicals or pesticides. It improves the quality of the soil, and does so using much less energy and water. To read more on how biodynamic gardening is done, please read my post Biodynamic Gardening.”

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